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A full service, non-linear editorial and post production facility

Cineworks Digital Studios

EPS-Cineworks provides hardware, software, peripherals, and top-notch technical expertise for productions utilizing Avid, Final Cut Pro, & Adobe non-linear editing systems, and since we know our clients sometimes work late, we work late too. We have live technical support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 


With convenient office locations in Studio City, Santa Monica, Louisiana, Atlanta and New York, our clients can come to us, or we go to them. Whatever your level of production, we have experience in solving the problems you might face. We focus on the human aspects of applying technology to the art of editing. We recognize that you, the client, are the most significant component in your editing room. 


We are proud of our commitment to customer satisfaction and our superior knowledge of the products and services we provide. When you rent from EPS-Cineworks all of your sales needs and technical requirements will be met by our support staff experts. We deliver quality equipment on time and at a competitive price.

Cineworks Digital Studios is a full service digital post facility servicing theatrical and television productions. Services start with up front consulting, digital dailies, on-set, near set and in facility.  Color correction, 4K, 2K, HD finishing and mastering services available in our Studio City location. 

  • Calibration of monitors and projectors utilizing LightSpace CMS.
  • Digital Cinema Package and delivery (DCP)

  •  Various options for color and finishing for DI and broadcast

  •  Post Production Supervision and management

  • All dailies services including on set and near-set color management with full LUT and/or CDL support using Cineworks designed DCD Systems.

  •  Viewing dailies to all popular viewing services such as DAX and PIX

  •  Camera originals and data archiving to LTO and drives

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